Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi all,

I went and saw the new science-fiction/horror flick Cloverfield last weekend and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys monster movies. It contains plenty of thrills and frights, but very little humour. Its gimmick, like the Blair Witch Project, is that it is filmed as if filmed on video by one of the main characters. So the camera jiggles around a lot, especially when they are running, and lingers on ears and boots. If you sit there hoping that the film will revert to normal cinematic conventions, it doesn't.

Like the under-rated science-fiction film "Signs", the film follows one group of people and there are only fleeting glimpses on televisions as to what the authorities think is happening. The film leaves a lot unexplained, so it's up to the viewer's imagination to fill in the gaps: this is not a film for someone who needs everything neatly resolved and explained at the end.


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