Thursday, May 22, 2008

My writing week.

Hi all,

I was disappointed that I missed out on going to the emerging writer's festival in Melbourne two weekends ago. Silly me got behind in his newspaper reading so I didn't read about it until this week. Unlike normal writer's festivals, this one was all about the writing process, not about the finished product of books or their authors.

I have still written every day this year, yaaa me. Pity it's not a 1000 words each day as I would have finished the first draft, at least, of the novel I am writing.

I critiqued the first chapter of a novel on I will probably become, what they call, a dedicated reader and critique the whole thing. What really piqued my interest is that it was written in first person, which I tend to write in, so I will probably get some ideas on what works and perhaps what doesn't in first person. Oh, and the first chapter also had me wanting to find out what happened to the nicely developing characters.

Watched a pretty ordinary science-fiction movie the other day called No Blade of Grass.
It had perhaps the earliest mention of global warming I have seen in film, as it was made in 1970. The film was very much a propaganda piece about the environmental consequences of our overuse of the world's resources. As it was an apocalyptic tale, I just had to watch it to the end.


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