Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My blogs.

Hi all,

I have been running the same blog on Myspace (for over a year) Blogspot (for about six months and Livejournal (a few months), and I have decided that’s not working. At the moment I have two competing aims, one is to communicate with science-fiction readers, who have no ambitions to be writers, while the other is to network with writers, particularly those who are at a similar stage of writing to mine.

As most of the people I am networking with on Livejournal are writers, I have decided to cut back on my entries there and just read it for a while, maybe making a comment every now and then. While at Myspace and Blogspot I will continue to comment with the naivety of someone who loves speculative fiction and wishes everyone read more of it.

And for those of you reading this on myspace and blogspot, basically I get the impression that the Australian speculative fiction community is very small and its members have very long memories.

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