Friday, June 27, 2008

my writing week

Hi all,

I have been working longer hours this week so I haven't done much writing, just the barest minimum every day.

I am only 60 pages into the novel I am critiquing, I hope to read a bit more next week

Surprising how my hint count on my blogs went up last week as soon as I mentioned my Master of Creative Writing. Speaking of which, I was rung up yesterday by a research company wanting me to comment on the ACT Ombudsman's handling of my complaint against the Uni of Canberra. I told the researcher that I would have loved to be privy to the conversations between the uni and the ombudsman, and I didn't think the ombudsman was qualified to comment on some of the issues. In a fair world the university would have had some form of independent compliants proceedure and I would not have to had to bother the ombudsman.

This weekend I have the house to myself so I have decided to do a bit of a Homer Simpson so its time to slob off.

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