Sunday, September 7, 2008

My writing week (19)

Hi all,

Last week I wrote the most words I have written in a day for over six years, this week I wrote the most words I have written in a week for over six years, yaaa me. I just need to keep increasing the word count. I finished chapter 14 last week and I am now just over 70,000 words in. The end looks another 30,000 words aways, at least.

Australian writer Martin Livings plans to write a 90,000 word novel in 45 days, 2,000 words a day. After day seven he had written 16,000 words. You can follow his progress at

I mentioned in my last post three writers in Albury who were in a contest to write a short 150 page novel in 72 hours. They not only got themselves a mention in the regional newspaper but they were on the local television news where one writer fessed up to being 30,000 words into her novel with about 12 hours to go. I figure 30,000 words is about 80-100 pages, depending on how much dialogue is in the story and how it is formatted. I wonder at the quality of writing done so quickly, but at least she will have something to edit, which I keep on reading is where the real writing is done.

One thing about taking a long time to write a novel is that I have had plenty of time to think about it and add bits and ideas. I have also collected lots of relevant information from newspapers etc for it. Realistically though, I have taken way too long to write it. Hopefully my word count each day and week will continue to rise to somewhere near Martin Livings' efforts.

I reckon, with a bit of luck, I will finally finish reading the novel I am critiquing this week. I've got 50 pages to go. It has been a good read, but at the moment it does not feel like it is building to a climax.

Too tired at night last week to read any books.

In the AGE: according the the last census, the number of Australians claiming to earn a living from writing or editing books was only 5,300. Not that many. The median age for an author or book editor is 48 according to the Aust. Bureau of Statistics.

Better do some writing if I plan to make that median age.


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