Sunday, September 28, 2008

My writing week (22)

Hi all,

Right now I should be finishing writing up the critique of that novel, but my attention span seems to be no more than an hour at the moment, with mini-lapses every five minutes or so.

Although I have still written every day this year, my word count halved again last week. My excuse is that I was writing my very first sex scene, sort of anyway. I think it might challenge the winner of that award they give for the worst sex scene published in a year.

I didn't do much reading last week, but I am looking forward to finishing the novel I am reading which is dragging a bit. It's part two in a four volume epic and having learnt that volume three wont be printed until 2010 and volume four until 2012, I think I will wait until 2012 before I read book three. I am looking foward to reading some shorter, non-sequelled novels.

Martin Livings last report on his 45 day attempt to write a 90,000 word novel, is from day 17 when he had written 32000 words:

My attention span is...


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