Thursday, September 18, 2008

Print-on-demand arrives in Melbourne.

Hi all,

Print-on-demand has finally arrived in Australia. An article in the Age gives details.

I would stilll, like most writers, prefer being selected by a reputable publisher than take the self-published print-on-demand route, but for writers who are good at marketing themselves and have a big web or blog following, print-on-demand might be preferable for them.


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SriSriNandKishore said...

There are no Authors who can sell books on their own.

It has to be done 'One book at a Time' because POD publishers are not in a position to place your books at the Book Stores, yet.

It will take a long time before Print-on-Demand become the way of selling books on a large scale.

Kishore Joshi
One Step At A Time