Sunday, November 9, 2008

My writing week (28)

Hi all,

A slow week for writing last week as my illness took another swing at me while I organised a garage sale to clean the house out of junk. My protagonists seem about to met though, so I can now get on with the rest of the story.

I am reading again, the Pulitizer Prize winner The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, is proving a real page turner and I have also just started reading the Damien Broderick edited Year Million, a non-fiction book, as well as a copy of Analog. It would seem that Fatal Revenant's flaws (see review in last post) had really dulled my enthusiasm for reading.

No time to critique last week.

Amazon has a number of lists of its top books for 2008, selected both by editors and customers. I went and had a look to see if any Australians made a list, and Margo Lanagan was on the editor list for Science Fiction and Fantasy with her young adult novel Tender Morsels. I have only read a couple of her short stories, one of them, Singing My Sister Down, is very good.

I already knew that there are a lot of writers out there so I wasn't really surprised when I read, in the Age. that in Melbourne there are 97,600 people who enjoy writing as a hobby. I wonder how many are writing science fiction novels.

And yes, we sold a lot of junk, it's so good to get people to pay us for removing junk from our home.


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Anonymous said...

reoccurring illnesses are a real bugger.