Sunday, November 23, 2008

My writing week (30)

Hi all,

I had a good writing week last week, at last. Got through a few words. Finished chapter 18 and I am well into chapter 19. Probably three chapters to go. I also did a bit of reading too.

I mentioned last week that New Scientist had a science-fiction edition. It mentions four writers to watch and one was Sandra McDonald, whose science-fiction is set in Australia. I had not heard of her - which isn't unusual - but I just looked up her bio and found that she is American. I wonder how accurate her portrayal of Australia is, even if set in the future.

When I first saw her name I decided I might buy a novel from an up and coming Aussie - next time I will know to do my research. I went to Amazon and the book was listed at $6.95 US, but with our falling exchange rate and delivery charges it would have cost $29 Australian. I thought I would get it cheaper and quicker by ordering it at the local bookstore, so I didn't buy it. I reckon Australian book sellers might appreciate the decline in the value of the Aussie dollar.

In the local regional newspaper, The Border Mail, there was an article about the locating of Nicolaus Copernicus' body. The writer of the article said: "Copernicus, an astronomer, whose theories identified the sun, not the Earth, is the centre of the universe." I think the writer meant the centre of the solar system.


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