Sunday, December 7, 2008

My writing week (32)

Hi all,

I've done some writing on every day of this year so far, only 23 days to go and I will have actually kept a new years resolution. I didn't keep a few others though, like eating only black jelly beans or traveling back in time and making George Bush Senior impotent.

I finished writing chapter 20 last week. I still have three chapters to go, even though chapter 20 was supposed to be the third last chapter. Chapter 21 is the beginning of the climax or what is called the Road Block in Christopher Vogler's The Hero's Journey. My main character has to overcome the road block in front of him to survive. I still have around 10,000 words to go.

Didn't do a lot of reading this week and no critiquing, but I did read some writing blogs and watch the First Tuesday Book Club on the ABC last night (Sunday).

Now back to writing.


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