Sunday, December 21, 2008

My writing week (34)

Hi all,

I finished chapter twenty-one last week, twice. I went back and added to the ending after some new ideas wouldn't go away. I also crossed the 100,000 word mark. I figure that I still have at least 10,000 words to go in the final three chapters. So, I aint gonna finish it this year. Oh well, what's new: another deadline drops dead. But it is going to be hard letting go of the characters.

No critiquing, a bit of reading and I did peruse a few writing blogs. It would seem that the book industry in the US has been hit by the recession George Bush and Dick Cheney had to have. As a result, many US publishers are saying that they are not going to be taking on new authors. While in Australia there seems to a bit of optimism that consumers will turn to cheaper forms of entertainment like reading a book. That makes sense, meaning increased book sales. But no doubt the Aussie publishers will look at what the US is doing and think the American must be right, like look how they managed their financial sector, and copy it.


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