Sunday, December 28, 2008

My writing week (35)

Hi all,

Three days to go, yaaaa. Assuming I write today, tomorrow and the next day, I will have done some writing on every day of this year. Am I looking forward to taking a day off writing or what.

I am halfway through chapter twenty-two of my novel. I still have two and a half chapters to go, less than 10,000 words.

No critiquing this week, but I am on the lookout for a science-fiction critiquing group. In a few months time, after I have tidied up the novel, I want to start sending it out to be critiqued. I might try for dedicated novel readers on Otherwise, I might be spending a bit of time next year searching for a group of science-fiction writers who write helpful critiques.

I have nearly finished the novel I am reading, Grey Egan's Teranesia, so there could be a review of it later this week.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and preparing to make outlandish new year's resolutions.


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