Sunday, January 11, 2009

My writing week 2(2)

Hi all,

I have proved that my new year's resolution of 5,000 words a week is going to be a challenge as I only got to 3880 words, give or take a few hundred, last week. I had a bad start on Monday, really got going on Tuesday, but petered out at the end of the week. I will make the target this week.

Being one of those males who is into numbers and statistics, I have records of my word count per day for the past few years. I had a suspicion that Tuesday was my best writing day, my records confirmed this. There is a substantial drop in word count on Wednesday and Thursday, and a further drop to Monday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday are my worst days.

I am very happy with the progress of the novel. I am well into the second last chapter and it is coming together well. When walking home from work this morning I was writing the final chapter and a half in my mind and I had to rush inside to scribble down a few pages of notes. I should be finished sometime next week.

I've just read another article in The Age by Jane Sullivan that reckons the American publishing industry is going into meltdown with some people in the industry even questioning whether literature is finished. Perhaps some of the people who have been buying up publishing houses should get out of the creative world and go and flog vacuum cleaners.


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