Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Writing Week 2(3)

Hi all,

Last week was a lousy week for writing, so for the second week in a row I didn't achieve my goal of writing 5000 words a week. I got off to a very motivated start, but then on Wednesday our airconditioning malfunctioned on a day that was 43 degrees in Wangaratta. I only risked turning the computer on for a few minutes to quickly check my emails and write enough words to be able to say that I had continued lasts year's goal of writing every day.

My DVD recorder started doing strange things and I spent a bit of time during the rest of the week experimenting with it. It has one of those pain in the arse intermittent problems, which means that now that I have sent it off to be repaired, it will probably work fine for them and only start acting up once again after they have sent it back to me. People not pulling their weight with things like watering and weeding the garden also took away time I could have spent writing.

At the moment I should have written about 12,000 words this year and I have only written 7,000.

Chapter 23 has become a very long chapter, with still a bit to happen. The story started to divert away from the outline so I have had to find another way of building the metaphor that I have been using back into the story.

No critiquing and not much reading, just plenty of perspiring and muttering about the unhelpfulness of others and technology.



Satima Flavell said...

That's not bad, Graham! You will probably do 9,000 a month at that rate and that's a book a year. Add an extra 6 months for editing and rewrites and you'll have a book at least every 18 months.

I reckon consistency is the thing. I've just had the better part of six months off and have been feeling dead miserable, but when I went back to the WIP this week it was with fresh eyes and fresh ideas, and I'm really pleased with the way it's going. But I wish I'd been able to write these last few months as well. The muse just wasn't working for me:-(

Graham Clements said...

I have sometimes over the past year and 6 weeks thought it would be great to have a break, but now I have gotten into the habit of at least writing a few sentences a day, I can't seem to stop. I couldn't take six months off. ahhhhh that would be like not breathing for a few days.

I know that if I am to make a go of writing I need to massively increase my productivity.

Satima Flavell said...

Keep on writing, Graham; just keep on writing...