Monday, February 9, 2009

Apologies to blog comment makers

Sorry to those who have made comments that I have seemed to ignore. I had thought that I had set blogger to notify me everytime someone made a comment, as happens with the myspace version of this blog, but obviously I did something wrong. I think I have rectified the problem.


Satima Flavell said...

The workings of Blogger are wondrous strange at times, Graham.

I hope you and yours are OK after the fires, and that there will be no more.

Graham Clements said...

Yes Blogger is strange, now that I have set the comments to be moderated at least I get a prompt on the dashboard that I have a comment. I can't check my email to see if your comment registered because my email site has crashed.

As for the fires, there is less smoke today. The temp is only in the high 20's, but when the heat returns and if accompanied by high winds, then the fires will flare up again.

I just read Sunday's Age and they had a map of Victoria with about fifty fires on it, 12 of them within 50kms of Wang, eleven under control and one not. I am glad I didn't read the paper on Sunday. The huge Beechworth fire didn't really get going until Sunday.