Sunday, February 1, 2009

My writing week 2(5)

Hi all,

It must have been so much easier for a writer to spend time writing before they invented the Web. All these bloody distractions at your fingertips, you don't have to move or even switch on something, just with a couple of clicks you're off to myspace or facebook for five hours of networking and playing games, or you're off to check your emails or you're off to do some research on....

I just heard some thunder I think, dark clouds outside, so I better make this a quick post before turning the computer off. I heard last week that just down the road in Benalla a guy's computer was destroyed in a power surge during a storm. I think that same power surge caused the power to flicker in Wang and turn my computer off.

So, how was my writing week? Okay, but I still didn't get to 5,000 words. I wrote just over 3,000 of the slow breeding bastards. I finished chapter 24 and then wrote about 1,000 words of notes for the final chapter, so it might be a long one. It was just as well I split chapter 23 in two as it would have gone for 9,600 words which is a bit long.

I applied for my critter critique ratio thingy to be put back to zero. I haven't heard back yet. I am still yet to critique anything this year. Must do at least one this week.

I read a little. There were a few articles in The Age about the proposed changes to parallel importation book laws in Australia, which I hope to post something on later this week.


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Satima Flavell said...

Of course, 30 yrs ago you'd hve been typing on a manual keyboard, wasting tons of paper; no cut'n'paste, no way of searching for the last time you wrote about the good ship Enterplease or the wizard Gahndaft...

But yes, Facebook is a HUGE timewaster. And it's all too easy for a spot of research on medieval weapons to lead you on and on until you find yourself on a page about Chinese shoes in the Ming Dynasty. What did we do before Google, eh?:-)

Chapter length - big worry. Worthy of research. I'll go Google.