Sunday, February 8, 2009

My writing week 2(6)

Hi all,

Last week was a lousy week to attempt to be a writer, in Wangaratta anyway. The heat just sweated any desire to be creative; thunderstorms had me switching off my computer; bushfire smoke had my eyes sore and irritated; bushfire threatened power outages also had me switching the computer off; the heat meant I spent more time watering the garden; and news on the bushfires distracted me from writing.

It has been 40 degrees or more for about half the days in the past three weeks with the other days being in the mid to high 30's. Last Saturday 46 degrees was, I suspect the hottest day on record here. This is climate change so I, and other Victorians, better get used to it. Victorians have no one else to blame but themselves as we are probably the highest per capita greenhouse gas polluters in the world. Yeah, I am really narky today. Fed up. Angry about a dickhead Premier of Victoria who might now, after all these years of inaction, finally look up the meaning of global warming on the internet - and no doubt hit a site funded by Exxon/Mobil. I am angry at an overcautious Prime Minister, and a federal opposition full of climate change deniers who have caused/allowed the Prime Minister to be so cautious. I am angry at Rupert Murdoch's media spreading their founder's belief (until he recently decided it might be more profitable to say he is a believer) that global warming did not exist. Morons, the science has been clear since 1996.

So, I did a woeful 1,800 words last week. But at least I can blame the Premier of Victoria, the Prime Minister of Australia, the merchant bank twit lead and lawyer laden opposition, and a pathetic excuse for a human being who will do anything to try and control the world's media (he wont succeed; we're just not that stupid Rupert).


PS. The smoke has diminished as the still out-of-control bushfire heads in the other direction, but at least it is only 30 degrees or so today.

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