Monday, March 9, 2009

My Writing Week 2(10)

Hi all,

Nearly there: I feel I could be writing the final words to the first draft of Stalking Tigers any day now. I found some more loose ends that I reckon can be knotted very quickly.

Today, my doctor told me that I had an iron deficiency, which might explain why I have been feeling hopelessly tired at the end of each day recently. I hope some iron supplements will wake me up and get me writing more.

I have used part of my anticipated stimulus cheque from the government to pay for my membership to Aussiecon 4. For those who are unaware it is the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) and is coming to Melbourne in September 2010. I have never been to a science fiction convention, so I thought I might as well begin with the biggest one there is. You can become a friend of Aussiecon4 on Facebook and they have a website.

I finally critiqued a story after finding that had reset my weeks/critiques ratio. Problem is they did it four weeks ago without informing me so I am already three weeks behind. The story I critiqued was ready to publish but, because of its crossover nature, it might have a limited market.

Hopefully my next post will tell you that I have started editing Stalking Tigers.


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