Sunday, March 1, 2009

My writing week 2(9)

Hi all,

My word count improved last week to 3,400 words, but I am still yet to write 5,000 words in a week this year. I am going to set up a excel spreadsheet of my weekly word count so I can see how much more I have to write to average 5,000 words per week for the year. One positive thing to come out of my weeks writing is that I feel the end of the novel is very close as there is only one more thing that the reader needs to know.

I spent far too much time deleting emails as a religion v science debate broke out on one of the writing message boards that sends me emails. Having watched a few of these debates in the past I find then mostly useless, as the most ardent participants don't want their opinion to evolve.

In previous posts I have mentioned the large word counts of other writers, last Saturday's Age had a story about Australian author Eva Hornung whose efforts obliterate all previously mentioned word counts. After her first novel won the Vogel award she spent every waking hour of the next six weeks drafting two novels. So that's somewhere around 200,000 words in six weeks.

I read more last week: yaaaa, for one aspect of being a writer.


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