Sunday, April 19, 2009

My writing week 2(16)

Hi all,

Last week wasn't that great for writing as I spent most of it catching up on non-writing things after Easter. I only managed a bit of editing of Stalking Tigers each day. I critiqued one story and did very little reading, although I did finish reading the enjoyable Time Machines Repaired While U Wait, by Adrian Bedford, which I will review later this week. This week I plan to do much more of all things writing.

I am still yet to receive confirmation of my membership to AussieCon 4 after paying the $210 membership about a month ago. I sent Vic Sci-Fi Conventions an email last week to which they replied that they would notify their membership people.

I have continued reading articles and posts about the proposed changes to the parallel importation laws in Australia. I found a blog post by author Alison Croggon on royalties here very concerning. She thinks her royalties might be reduced by nearly half. I really don't see the need for change as the costs to Australian authors, publishers and printers seem to far outweigh any hoped for small book price decreases.



Satima Flavell said...

I think you'll love Adrian's book, Graham. Helen Venn reviewed it for The Specuphere last month and she loved it.

Did you oay your subs for Aussiecon4 by mail or on the internet? I'd love to know as I haven't paid mine yet and will avoid whatever you did if it's liable to get lost!

Graham Clements said...

I'll have to read Helen's review, after I write mine - I enjoyed the novel too.

I sent my aussiecon subscription by mail, using an old fashioned postal order. I'll give them another week before I hassle them again.