Sunday, May 3, 2009

My writing week 2(18)

Hi all,

I am as tired as. I spent all morning at work yawning. I am getting frustrated with the selfishness of others when it comes to noise.

I finished editing chapter two last week. I ended up adding just over 2,000 words to it, so I am not editing like Stephen King yet (who says second draft = first draft minus 10%). I am more like the author who wrote in their blog last week (I think it was John Scalzi) that their first drafts are usually around 80,000 and then they add to them, substantially, in the following drafts.

My novel's word count is at 133,000 and continuing to increase. Chapter three is growing. I think I might have to cut a few chapters later in the novel where I have a sub-plot designed to show the main character's growth/regression and state of mind right before what he thinks will be the seminal event in his current adventure. The sub-plot doesn't really move the story along, so it might have to go.

I critiqued a couple of stories. One each for critters and OWWW. I am starting to have doubts about OWWW due to the lack of science fiction on it. I might start exploring other speculative fiction critiquing sites. The story I critiqued for critters was written in first person and was wonderful in the way it fooled the reader. It just needed a bit of fixing of grammar etc. I hope it gets published.

I read no fiction last week as I was too tired.


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