Monday, May 11, 2009

My writing week 2(19)

Hi all,

I was ripping through editing chapter three until I came to a section where I had previously wimped out on challenging my writing, so I stopped and meditated, and started to slowly construct a few sentences as I first poked then sliced bits off it. I've got a note written on my computer that says "If you think the piece will be too difficult to write, write it," but sometimes I try to skirt a challenge. Like other chapters I have edited, chapter three is growing.

I didn't make time to look at other critiquing groups last week. I might go and see if Infinitas has any science-fiction stories in its files waiting to be critiqued. It, like OWWW, is dominated by fantasy. I critiqued a story on critters, where the author said he had written the original version many years ago. It had old-fashioned language and a seventies feel about it. Still an okay story by one of the more prolific submitters to critters.

I did some reading, Yaaaa. On at least three nights I woke up after midnight with my reading lamp still on, wearing my specs and with the book on my chest. Not that the novel/stories were that dull, although one of the stories I read would have to be one of the biggest wanks ever. It was written by a person with a PhD in literature who probably thought their nearly impenetrable writing was oh-so clever; too bad, because there seemed to be an interesting story hidden within it. I am sure I will tell you more about it when I review the Asimov magazine I was reading.

Loved the new Star Trek movie. I went to see it out of a sense of duty and found myself enjoying a remaking of the original series in which Chris Pine, as Captain Kirk, captured William Shatner's facial expressions perfectly. It is also an re-imagining as an alternative universe is created, so any sequels can happily ignore all that has happened in the other Star Trek movies and series. A whole new beginning. Go and see it.


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