Sunday, June 7, 2009

My writing week 2(23)

Hi all,

It's amazing how a three day trip to Melbourne for the Emerging Writer's Festival lead to such a huge backlog of things I just had to do before I could spend time writing. A week later and I am still trying to catch up with my pedantic reading of newspapers. I should be thankful that it rained a bit last week so I didn't have to water much - I have no idea where I got the time to water over summer. I did very little editing of Stalking Tigers last week, just enough for me to say that I wrote on every day, which I still have continued to do since the start of 2008.

I didn't critique anything last week. I started on a story for OWWW but then the author put a stop crit on it. I just had a look at the files for OWWW and found no science fiction so the prospects of me critiquing anything in the next week are not looking good. I am supposed to critique two stories a month, but last month did none, so I might be ejected from the group. My critiquing ratio of weeks to critiques is at 70% for Critters but that would have gone down a couple of percent after missing last week. Perhaps I could do two for Critters this week.

Not much reading last week due to no time and feeling really tired at night after failing to catch up on sleep over the previous weekend.

I will write another blog post on the Emerging Writer's Festival this week that will cover at least two of the sessions: my notes are not as extensive for the remaining sessions as they were for the first. Liz Argall, one of my facebook pals, has also been writing posts on the festival too. It will be interesting to see how we differ in our assessments of it and the sessions.

I started a Google Profile account for myself after it was mentioned at the writer's festival as a good way of getting all the web information you want displayed about yourself onto one URL link. My profile is just basic at the moment and I will plug it once I have dressed it up.


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