Saturday, November 7, 2009

my writing week 2(45)

Hi all,

Thought I would post a day earlier than usual as I probably will be incapable of writing anything much over the next week or more due to cataract surgery at 9am on Monday. Glad the surgery is in the morning, my anxiety will have less time to build up.

I had an interesting - for me anyway - writing week. I finished the second draft of chapter nine, which is vastly changed from the original in content and the attitude of main characters, but still gets to the same ending. I then had a look at the next chapters because I thought they could just be padding until the next twist came along. I found chapters 10-13 could be removed from the novel without having any major effect on the story, so I have cut them, 22,000 words in all. The second draft is now 127,000 words, about 6,000 less than the original.

I've been thinking that if my novel gets published as an ebook I could include a deleted chapters section, like the deleted movie scenes on a DVD. Readers might be interested in how the main character went about solving one of the issues he had near the end of chapter nine.

I hope to be back reading, writing, networking and blogging soon.


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