Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My writing week 3 (2)

Hi all,

I'm feeling tired, but that ain't unusual. I went for a slow swim this morning, thought I was making an effort to swim fast, but my time was lousy. Maybe I miscounted the number of laps as I abused God for not looking after one of his devotees, my father. So much for being an atheist.

My father's rapid dementia decline continues to dominate my thoughts. We had a little stab of hope last Friday when he communicated a bit, but the two trips since then have been very painful. I don't think he even recognised my mother or me yesterday. (big sigh) I now think his quality of life is so diminished that he might as well be dead. Sad way to think of a man who I used to take great pride in being his son.

I subsequently did very little writing last week again. (another sigh) I did a bit of reading, often falling asleep at night with the book on my chest. There were a few interesting book related articles in the newspapers (which I am still two weeks behind in reading). Stephanie Meyer had seven of the top ten selling books in Australia last year, selling over two million copies of her vampire series. Dan Brown had the number four book, Mathew Reilly the number nine and Stieg Larson the number ten.

A well know left leaning journalist said that intellectual property rights are dead, let's wait and see about that comrade. I will be interested to see how long many websites will survive if they no longer have the ability to steal off sources like newspapers who fail due to lack of respect by others for their intellectual property rights. If novelists no longer write because it doesn't pay, what will they put on Kindle that is relevant in a few decades.

In the same article it mentioned Amazon's Kindle book downloads out did their paper books sales for the first time during Christmas. So a lot of people brought kindles and had to put something on them. Most of which, would have been free downloads from ancient authors. Are these techno geeks really gonna sit there and read more then the first paragraph, if that, written by some bore who died years ago.

Oh yeah, and I deliberately did not mention the author of the articles name, because that is what it will be like when their are no intellectual property rights.

Perhaps I should have said I was tired and narky at the start of this post.


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