Sunday, February 14, 2010

My writing week 3 (6)

Hi all,

Cataract surgery on my right eye last Tuesday gave me a reasonable excuse for not doing much writing last week. Just did a tiny bit every day so I can hopefully look back on this year and say: well at least I did a bit of writing every day. I am hopeful that my output will really increase from now.

I see the
ophthalmologist again tomorrow for the second and last test on my right eye. If it follows the same procedure as last time, I will have an eye chart reading test as part of it. My left eye is now 20/20 and my right eye should be the same as it has the same strength lens. Unfortunately, 20/20 vision doesn't seem to equate to not needing glasses when reading and using a computer. Oh well.

The real shame about having the surgery now on both eyes is that in a few weeks - touch wood - I won't be able to use bad eyesight as the excuse for all the typos I seem to be making lately - or perhaps with improved eyesight I am only just starting to see them all.

As in the previous two weeks, I have gone and checked Amazon's Kindle bestseller list to check out the prices of ebooks. Thirty were selling for $2, four for $2.25 to $3 and two for free. Interestingly, a lot of the $2 books were classic speculative fiction like Frankenstein and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Four of the top ten were selling for $2. Overall, the prices of ebooks on the list are much the same as for the previous two weeks.

Perhaps next week I will finally start a blog post with: I did an amazing amount of writing last week. Yeah and Tony Abbott might raise women to somewhere above sub-human status.


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Anthony J Langford said...

Yes, e-books. Not a big fan. I dont have a reading device and i cant stand reading on a computer.. perhaps when the technology gets better...there just isnt enough time in one day.. i have a pile of books to get through as it is...

Hang in there and i hope yr eyes get better soon..