Sunday, February 7, 2010

My writing week 3 (5)

Hi all,

Not a lot to report on my writing efforts last week as I wait, with rapidly escalating dread, for my second eye to have cataract surgery tomorrow. Just hope it goes okay.

I finished reading the third and final volume of Terry Brooks' fantasy/science fiction series The Genesis of Shannara. I reckon his writing improved during the series as I wasn't noticing so many cliches near the end and I was stopping to admire a few sentences. I enjoyed the plot with its message that children are going to have to cope with the mess we created. I will post a review sometime in the future.

I read a bit more about ebooks, evidently Apple will pay publishers 70% of the listed price, which is probably why Amazon has said it will change from the current 35% to 70%. Australian publishers like Allen and Unwin don't seem too concerned about ebooks, I hope they're not just putting on a brave face.

As I did in my last writing week post, I've had a look at the Amazon bestselling ebook list and found that half of the top ten were selling for $2 and one of the others was $2.25. In the top 100, 32 were selling for $2, with another five were around $3 and two were free. When I checked last week, 34 were $2 and four were free.

If you were wondering about the state of my father, they are finally taking him off all the drugs he was on, something they said they would do when he first entered the nursing home four weeks ago. They have finally realised that the drugs are useless in getting him to sleep, which we had already told them had been happening before he was admitted to hospital. He is falling over from lack of sleep and we are worried he might do some real damage.

The state of my eyes will decide when I make my next post, bye to then.


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