Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Writing Week 3 (7)

Hi all,

My eyes are still adjusting to cataract surgery so they tire easily. When I went to the ophthalmologist last week I learnt the right eye is weaker than the left so if I will still need glasses for reading. I need to wait another two weeks before I go to the optometrist to get a prescription for them. The surgery does seem to have been successful. Yaaaaaa.

My father seems finally to be settling down in the nursing home. I actually got a few words out of him when I last visited while he sat in one place for most of the time we were there, but he still keeps on falling over and knocking his head. His doctor and the nursing staff have finally settled on a strategy of giving him low doses of morphine to diminish the pain he says he is in; he can't tell anyone where it is. He is still on antibiotics so we don't know if he's still suffering from a urinary tract infection following the removal of a tumour from his bladder, or the pain could be from him falling out of bed and hurting his back a few months ago or just from the almost thrice weekly tumbles he takes at the home.

I just did my weekly check on the 100 bestselling Kindle ebooks and the number of cheaper ebooks fell from previous weeks, with only 26 of them selling for $2 compared to the usual 40 or so, and two for free. $11.99 seems to be a common selling price with the big name authors like Dan Brown and James Patterson. I wonder how much of the $11.99 they get.

I joined the ebook world last week when I downloaded Kindle for PC and then Graham Storrs' novel TimeSplash. If his novel had been on paper my resisted entry into the digital print age would have probably been delayed. His novel was half the cost of the big authors.

It will probably be a couple more weeks before everything, especially my eyes, settles down and I can finally devote much more time to writing. I am looking forward to increasing my output and really taking up the challenge to become a published author, one whose ebooks sell for at least $11.99.



graywave said...

Wow, Graham, I'm so privileged to have been the one to tempt you into the world of ebooks! I certainly hope you like it! I feel I have the reputation of the whole industry resting on my shoulders now.


Graham Clements said...

Yeah it better be good. ;)

I'm not reading a lot at the moment - until my eyes settle down and I get new spec - so it might be a while before I get back to you.