Monday, June 21, 2010

Does my photo appear?

Hi all,

Yesterday an acquaintance was looking at my blog and the photo did not appear. They had just upgraded their computer to windows 2007 so that might have been the problem as the photo always appears for me. I was wondering if my computer has to be on for the photo to appear (I only have it on when I am using it, so it was not on when the acquaintance accessed my blog). I won't have my computer on for the next few hours - it is 9.40 am est in Australia - so can anyone who reads my blog leave a comment on whether the picture came up and if they use windows 2007.



Anonymous said...

Under About Me? I see it. Running Chrome on Ubuntu.

Your friend may have odd browser (IE, i assume) settings, like not showing remote-linked images or something?

Graham Clements said...

thanks for telling me. It seems the problem is all theirs.