Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Writing Week 3 (24)

Hi all,

It has been a busy start to the week so I have only now gotten around to doing my weekly blog post. I spent more time writing last week then the previous week so things are on the improve. The end is insight of the novella, but I've changed nearly every word since half way through, so I will want to edit again before I let anyone look at it.

Didn't read anything much on ebooks last week so I will leave the cartoon, out of The Age, below as my only comment on them.

I was also cheered up by the latest newspoll, not great, but better than the last one. At the moment I fear that politically we are at episode one of the Stars War's saga, with Tony Abbott, aka Darth Vader, only beginning to flex his growing power, under the tutelage of the evil emperor Rupert Murdoch. We still have a long way before Luke (Kevin 010) defeats Darth. Princess Leia (Julia Gillard) has to help put him on the right path first. Let's hope that Hans Solo (Martin Ferguson) can escape from the clutches of the Jabba the Hutt (Clive Palmer billionaire miner) and help. Hopefully C3P0 (Wayne Swan) will be able to understand and explain the intellectual concepts coming from R2D2 (Ken Henry). And they all better steer clear of the brain deadening Jar Jar Binks (Wilson Tuckey).


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Graham Clements said...

The evil empire (lead by Rupert Murdoch) has alread wounded Luke (Kevin 010). Can Princess Leia (Julia Gillard) save us from Darth (Abbott).