Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sad to see Kevin go

Hi all,

I have just caught up on my reading about the dumping of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister by the NSW Right, and in particular Mark Arbib. I read two articles in The Age stating that scumbag Arbib forced Kevin Rudd to postpone action on climate change, threatening him with the loss of his Prime Ministership.The fact that Kevin Rudd was forced to back down on immediate action on climate change explains why he did such a bad job of selling the change of policy: he didn't believe it abandoning the fight on climate change. It's a pity scumbag Arbib is a senator, because if he was the labour candidate in my electorate I would place him last on the ballot at the next election.

I watched Kevin Rudd's final speech, and it is truly heartbreaking. I think we might have actually seen the departure of one of our few Prime Ministers who actually cared about the less fortunate in society, with a lot of the good he tried to do being thwarted by the senate and having to deal with the GFC.

And as for the billionaire miners and media owners, it would seem that Australia is fast becoming a country ruled by the mega-rich, people who don't give a stuff about anything else except the size of their personal wealth. Bring on the revolution.


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