Thursday, June 3, 2010

Survival for 21st Century Writers.

Hi all,

The transcript of the online speculative fiction convention session Survival for 21st Century Writers is available here. I attended the session in which Scott Nicholson predicts that the ebook market will quickly be dominated by $2 ebooks and by the end of the decade most ebooks will be free. See my previous post for my thoughts on the future of publishing when free ebooks are dominate.



Karen said...

Graham, the news here sounds grim. You say we have five years for writers to make some money. Any good news?
Cheers, Karen :))

Graham Clements said...

It was not the most uplifting conference session for a yet to be published writer like myself. It would seem that the only way to make money in the future is by going it alone, ditching the publisher (if they still exist) and the agent, and keeping the list price of the ebook for yourself. Writers will have to do a great job promoting themselves ... See moreto rise above the millions of cheap/free ebooks. I have been seeking facts and arguments to counter this, but most of what I am getting seems to be more wishful thinking than anything else. I have been regularly checking amazon's ebook (kindle) bestselling list for the past few months and it seems to confirm that the price of ebooks is on the way down. Scott Nicholson who took the session sells his ebooks for $1.99.