Sunday, September 19, 2010

My writing week 3 (37)

Hi all,

Lots of news this week. First, Divine online magazine sent me a contract for a article a month for the next 12 months. The pay rate is quite good, so I had no hesitation in signing and returning the contract. They then contacted me about the training day on 8th of October, offering me accommodation for the night before and night after, which I gratefully accepted.

A couple of weeks ago they sent me an email suggesting I write an article that introduced myself. I wrote that last week, concentrating on my interest in science fiction. I included a mention of Aussiecon 4, and in particular the panels on global warming. Hopefully this article will be accepted as my first paying assignment for the magazine. I already have two sample articles up on their website.

I sent an email to Gregory Benford requesting more information about his talk of geo-engineering the Arctic as a stop-gap measure to give us more time to reduce greenhouse gases. He gracious sent me back an email with his ideas, another article and his powerpoint presentation attached. I will write more about his talk in my next post about Aussiecon that concentrates on four climate change panels.

I spent a bit of time last week networking on Goodreads and LinkedIn joining some writing groups. I also now have a flickr account with a few recent photos of floods and aussiecon on it.

I even spent a bit of time on my novella this week. Mostly adding in a bit of description after my trip down to Aussiecon took me through the area that the story is set in.

So I had a reasonably productive week. It helped that I got over my Aussiecon cold in record time - less than a week.


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