Sunday, October 17, 2010

My writing week 3 (41)

Hi all

I have been busy writing and doing paperwork type things for DiVine online magazine. I read their writer's guide, and you will hopefully see some of their advice on writing online in this blog with more shorter sentences and less thirty-three word sentences like this one. They reckon the ideal length is about ten words. I probably was told this in the Interactive Writing subject in my Master of Creative Writing, but then again I might not have been.

After reading the writer's guide I rewrote the last article I had written and emailed it to them. It's a personal article, telling people something about my interests. I choose to talk about the possible connection between solving global warming and science fiction. I included headings. (Not sure about putting them in a blog.) The article has yet to be accepted. From now on we have to query the editor before we write a story.

I sent my first invoice in for two stories that are already up on the site. In two weeks I should receive payment and then I will be running around yelling: look at me, I am a paid writer.

I also got a photo back that will be used on the DiVine site. It made me look human so I have decided to place it on my blog and other pages. The professional photographer actually got me to smile. The previous photo on this blog was from about ten years ago. As you may have noticed, I have attempted to cultivate a beard since then.

Last week I also did some research into another article and found myself frequently writing down ideas and adding to others.

Other than DiVine I spent some time catching up on my newspaper reading. I am not sure if they sacked the proofreader at The Age, but I kept on spotting typos. In one article they had the Federal Government spending $60 BILLION on pumping carbon dioxide into the ground. I think that should have been $60 million. I saw three other typos in that edition and the one I read today had two typos in one article, witting instead of willing, twice.

So with DiVine and my newspaper reading, I had little writing time for my novella. I did a bit. One good session and I will have the draft finished.

I also did not get around to my Aussiecon post on the Marketing sessions. But have faith, it will appear soon.

3G Problems with Kindle

(There you are, I got a heading in.) I intend to buy a Kindle with some of my writing money. But I read recently about a person having 3G connection problems and telstra couldn't give a stuff. It left me wondering if 3G downloads will work in Wangaratta. If you have a Kindle, have you had these problems?



Anthony J Langford said...

Congratulations on being a paid writer Graham. It must be very satisfying. I hope you get many more articles accepted.

What was the episode where Dr Who stumbled back into a room full of giant mushrooms? I'm pretty well versed in dr.who from 70 onwards.. was it an older ep?

I share your fear about global warming. It's a shame many people son't believe in it all of a sudden. As soon as they realised that they would actually have to pay for it too they changed their opinions quick smart.

Also I didn't see your pic anywhere, over at Divine and here..??


Graham Clements said...

It was with the second doctor - B/W - I did not see it when Doctor Who was repeated on the ABC so maybe it was lost or the series was incomplete. The room was dark and smoky full of three foot high mushrooms. I think Jamie the Scotsman was in the episode.Long time ago, but that image stayed with me.

So no picture comes up with my blog?


Graham Clements said...

Oh, and they are still getting around to including the profiles and pictures of the 22 new divine writers.