Sunday, October 24, 2010

My writing week 3 (42)

Hi all,

I had a very busy writing week last week. On Monday I sent in a pitch for three articles to Divine magazine. One of them was a review of this weekend's Wangaratta Jazz Festival. The editor suggested rather than a review, that I write more of a news item alerting people to the coming festival. I agreed to do it, which meant that instead of a three week deadline, it would need to be submitted by today.

I read through the Jazz festival website and then rang the publicist of the event to ask a few questions, she asked me to email them to her. To my surprise she replied very quickly. She even sent a couple of requested photos to use for free. I also rang a few motels to check out their accommodation situation for people with disabilities: they were booked out up to two years in advance.

I had already done some preliminary research at the tourist info board, before I sent in the pitch, so I was then right to write it. It took a couple of hours to write and then I edited it once every day, until Sunday when I emailed it in.

On Wednesday, the editor sent me a revised copy of an article I had written called Live Long and Prosper. The editor had suggested a personal article which told readers something about the magazines writers. I had written an article connecting two things that are important to me: science fiction and global warming. He had made only a few changes to the article I had submitted, mostly to suit the site's writing style. The article went up on Thursday.

So I have had three articles appear, with another one hopefully up this week. The editor was also happy with the two other ideas I pitched to him.

Divine work kept me away from progressing very far with the novella I am writing. Perhaps this week.

I forgot to mention I read issue 47 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine a couple of weeks ago. The first issue I had read since issue five. If issue 47 is any guide, the magazine has improved, more science fiction, less high fantasy. The standout story was The Ship's Doctor by Charlotte Nash, her first sale. Closely followed by Acid, written by Debi Carroll. The format of the magazine was cleaner and there were no attempts at humorous fillers about ASIM. Patty Jansen, the editor for this edition, did a good job.


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