Sunday, January 2, 2011

My writing week (Year 4, week 1)

Hi all,

I thought I had my computer back working properly, no problems for a few days after I did a recovery, but today, just after I turned it on, an error message appeared saying that there was a problem with a driver and it was shutting down. The message said, as they often do, if it was the first time I had received that message, not to worry. I think it was the first time. The computer restarted okay.

Interestingly, Windows was installing updates at the time. When I did the recovery about a week ago, I had lots of problems installing the 79 Windows updates. During that time error messages came up about just about everything, modem, power source, graphics card, memory, but no particular error message seemed to repeat. Another commonality with problems seems to be the browser Firefox, which I have stopped using (I have since found other browsers to be faster).

One good thing about doing the recovery was it removed a few minor irritants, like programs that had failed to uninstall properly.

So, will I need to get a computer guy to check my computer or not? At least with all the fooling around I’ve done with it over the past two weeks, I have more of an idea of what is not wrong with it. I also have a lot more knowledge about its diagnostic programs (which didn’t detect a thing wrong with it) and how to do a backup restore.

With my computer problems, I obviously spent little time editing the novella I had just finished the first draft of. When I did, I started adding to it and changing it substantially. It seems I am set to work on it for many more weeks.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the new year and new decade (yep, I’m a pedant). I have thought up one writing related new year’s resolution, you can read about it in my next post.


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