Sunday, February 6, 2011

My writing week 4 (6)

Hi all,

Authors with disability article submitted to Divine.

I’ve just submitted another article to Divine online magazine. This one is about authors with disabilities and features great responses from interviews I did with KA Bedford and Karen Tyrrell.

I had a bit of trouble verifying some of the information I had originally included in the article, especially in regards to whether some famous writers had epilepsy. Epilepsy sites were claiming Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe as epileptics, but I could not find any original biographical source to back that up.

It appears they claimed Charles Dickens because of his great descriptions of epileptic characters, but perhaps someone close to him had epilepsy. Lewis Carroll seems to have been included for similar reasons, especially some of the scenes in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. There’s argument that Edgar Allen Poe could have just been suffering from the effects of too much booze. And Agatha Christie’s private life, was very private. As a result, I removed any reference to epileptic authors from my article.

Hopefully the Divine article will be up in the next couple of weeks.

Amazon ebook sales larger than paperback sales

Amazon announced on the 27th of January that for every 100 paperbacks sold it sells 115 ebooks. It also sells three times as many ebooks as hardbacks. But when paperbacks and hardback sales are combined, they still outdo ebook sales. The figures don’t include downloads of the millions of free ebooks available on its site. If they were, I think overall ebook downloads would have been considerably more than sales of print books.

I have neglected my novella over the past few weeks, something I plan to rectify this week.


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Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Graham,
Thanks very much for interviewing me for DIVINE magazine. Can't wait to see the story in print. Please let me know when it comes out...Karen :))