Sunday, February 27, 2011

My writing week 4 (9)

Hi all,

I had a busy week last week with a few things happening on the writing front.

New article on Divine.

My article on writer’s with disabilities was posted on Divine. The article features multi-award winning Australian science fiction author KA Bedford. I also interviewed Karen Tyrrell for the article, a writer who I think is very close to joining the ranks of those with a published book. The article is the largest I have written for Divine and its responses indicate it is one of my best.

Acknowledged in Daniel King’s new novel Datura Highway.

Last year I critiqued a terrific manuscript, Datura Highway, for Daniel King. The novel has just been published by Vexil Publishing and is available on Amazon. I did not expect the very nice acknowledge of myself he placed in the novel.

Datura Highway is a fantasy/science fiction/mystery novel. It begins with the main character in a very strange building full of statues. He doesn’t know how he got there, but finds a list of obscure clues in one of his pockets. As he travels through the huge building, the meaning of the clues, and the twists they entail, become apparent.

I enjoyed the story’s fast pace, symbolism and freshness. It kept me guessing until the end. I would recommend the novel to anybody who enjoys a good mystery, especially those who are into speculative fiction. I intend to post a review in the coming days.

My writing.

I did not write much last week. Asthma, at least I hope that is all it is, continued its assault over much of the week. I blame the humidity and constantly changing Wangaratta weather. Perhaps increased pollen in the air, due to more growth because of more rain, has something to do with it. My early morning swims in the coolish outdoor pool might be part of the problem too.

I also had a few appointments that decreased my writing time on most days.

I had planned to get stuck into my next article for Divine. It is about how ebooks might affect the publishing industry, particularly in Australia. I already have a lot of information to whittle down for a 500 word article.

So it looks like my rewriting/editing of my novella will, once more, not progress far this week.


Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Graham,
Thanks for interviewing me for DiVine magazine and giving me a positive rap as a soon-to-be -published writer. I look forward to your next article on eBooks in Divine magazine ...Karen :))

Graham Clements said...

Thanks for your great responses.