Sunday, March 20, 2011

My writing week 4 (12)

Hi all,

My Computer Works

After numerous tantrums the previous week, my computer behaved. Not once did it shutdown or freeze or beep or flash a blue screen error message. I ran it with the cover off most of the week as I waited to see if the fans weren’t operating when the above problems occurred, but you know what they say about a watched pot.

The beeping from the previous week indicated that the computer had a ram problem. So at the start of last week I decided to get some more ram. My computer has 2GB of ram which can be upgraded to 4GB. I placed an order with PC Sanity: one of its computer techs is a friend on facebook. He emailed an invoice to pay before the ram would be sent.

But my computer refused to open the invoice. The invoice was in Excel, and my Office XP version could not read it. I sent an email to Jeff at PC Sanity and he said I needed to get my Office updated. Right, all those computer recoveries I had done in the past few months had removed all the Office updates. So I updated it. Took a few hours, and I then could access the excel invoice.

But I found out that PC Sanity wanted me to transfer the payment to their account. I walked down to the bank. They said that it was hard for them to make the transfer and they could not guarantee its success. They told me I would be better off doing it myself over the internet. But I didn’t have internet banking. They signed me up.

It was Thursday and my computer had continued to behave like someone who had its internal organs exposed: following the surgeon’s instructions exactly. I did use the on Friday, too busy doing other stuff.

On Saturday I picked up my ordered canned air from Dicksmiths. I used it to blow dust around the inside of the computer. I then tempted fate by putting the cover back on. The computer still worked. It worked on Sunday. It has worked so far today. So I am now having second thoughts about buying ram. (Sorry Jeff – but the computer will probably crash tomorrow and when I get it going again I will be promptly paying the invoice).

Slack Week

I had the house to myself most of last week and a sore right elbow was telling me to take a break from my exercise program, so I decided to take a holiday from everything. I watched a few DVD’s – really enjoyed The Box, which was directed by the guy who directed Donnie Darko.

Next Divine Article: Universal Big Button Remote Controls

The only writing activity I did last week was exchange a few emails with my editor about my next article about universal big button remote controls. If you have used one, please leave a comment about what you thought of it. My mum who has arthritis needs one.


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