Sunday, March 27, 2011

My writing week 4 (13)

Hi all,

My computer behaved itself all last week. That’s nearly two weeks without a problem. Was a clean with canned air all it needed? Or have the lower temperatures meant that it has stopped overheating? Or did a test that said it had repaired something have a positive effect? Who knows.

The fact that my computer didn’t play up meant that I had time to do some writing and stop worrying about a computer shutdown losing the sentence that might have begun the paragraph that would have expanded into a Hugo award winning novel.

Wrote an article on Universal Remote Controls

After doing a lot of research on universal remote controls, including fiddling with one, I wrote my next Divine article. I now just need to polish the article before submitting it, hopefully this week.

I also wrote down lots of notes for my next two articles. At the moment, every time I start to worry about running out of ideas I quickly think up two or three.

I even did some editing of my novella. Perhaps this week will be the week I get stuck into it. Yeah, well, you can only hope.

My Copy of Datura Highway Arrived

I rescued a copy of Datura Highway from the letterbox: the postie had bent it to fit in. What a philistine. Obviously has no concept of the value of books.

I had critiqued Datura Highway for Daniel King and I am acknowledged in the acknowledgements.

The cover looks a lot better than it does on the web. Not that it was a bad cover, it just looks more alive.

Datura Highway is a fantasy thriller. I have written a review for it on Amazon.

Read Death Most Definite by Trent Jamieson

I finished reading a horror novel by Australian Trent Jamieson called Death Most Definite. It’s set in Brisbane and is a great read. I posted a review of it today. I will definitely be buying its sequel.


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