Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review of Datura Highway

Datura HighwayDatura Highway by Daniel King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daniel King has written an exciting fantasy/psychological thriller that kept me guessing - and hoping - until the very end. It's a novel with an original plot, which is hard to do these days.

It begins with the main character, Daniel, finding himself in a huge warehouse full of symbolic statues, and not quite knowing how he got there. The only information he has is a list of vague unrelated items in one of his coat pockets. In another pocket he finds a alien looking weapon. He vaguely recalls he was investigating a murder.

As he starts to search his surroundings he runs into Mimi, a school teacher who doesn't mind smoking cannabis. Perhaps that explains her slightly odd behavior. More through luck than detective work they begin to progress through what appears to be some sort of weird test.

I loved the world-building in this novel. The world is totally strange, not in an over the top way, but in a what the hell is going on way. I loved the challenge of trying to figure out what the items on the piece of paper meant before they were revealed. I hoped the murder would be solved without Daniel having to kill Mimi.

I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good mystery that goes somewhere different, you may find your comfort zone slightly stretched. It is a very good read.

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