Thursday, May 19, 2011

My writing week (4) 20

Hi all,

Amazon set to become world's biggest publisher.

I thought that headline might get a few people reading. Readers of this blog would know that I have said that Amazon, Google and Apple will probably be the biggest publishers of books in the near future. Amazon already sells thousands of self-published titles, and recently launched four publishing businesses.

Amazon Encore will buy underperforming, but well reviewed, books that have already been published and republish them. It will specialise in first time writers.

Montlake Romance will publish digital, physical and audio romance books. In an interview, Jeff Belle, vice president of Amazon Publishing said they will eventually publish books in other genres, including science fiction.

Amazon Crossing will publish English translations of foreign books.

Domino will publish non-fiction books.

So watch out. Amazon might achieve what Rupert Murdoch has tried to achieve, total domination of the publishing industry.

Dentists are cold people

I write this belated post between dental appointments and sneezes. Last Friday, the 13th, I visited an oral surgeon in Melbourne about having some wisdom teeth removed. I then returned to visit the dental hospital in Melbourne, on Monday, to see if they would remove the teeth for free. The dental hospital appointment was only a preliminary meeting, I need to go down next Monday for a more thorough examination.

Meanwhile, my local dentist has done a couple of fillings and the preparatory work for a crown. The work for the crown turned out to be a bit of an ordeal, it took 1 and 3/4 hours. For about an hour of that the dentist had drills and other instruments in my mouth.

Here's a riddle for you, if you are seeing three different dentists/dental organisations, how many will attempt to change the time of your appointment? The answer is: all of them.

It would seem that somewhere along the way, I have caught a cold, which suddenly came on very strongly yesterday. Hope it has weakened by Monday.

So I have done very little writing. I almost got my article on cataract surgery finished last week and that's about it.

Why waiting for appointments and travelling on trains and busses, I did manage to get some reading done. I finished reading Margaret Atwood's brilliant The Year of the Flood, which is a prequel to her Booker short-listed Oryx and Crake. I reviewed it in a post yesterday.



Satima Flavell said...

Your header certainly caught my attention, Graham! Yes, Amazon certainly seems set for World Domination!

Wretched dentists. Don't get me started...

Anthony J Langford said...

Cheers for the info. Very interesting.. capitalists!

I was at the dentists yesterday too! But it wasnt for me..thank God! hate them!!