Sunday, May 22, 2011

My writing week (4) 21

Hi all,

I was supposed to be down in Melbourne for a dental appointment today, but my cold has worsened and I cancelled the appointment. So instead I get to write about my lack of progress in writing last week.

No fiction writing last week, but I did finally finish and submit an article to Divine online magazine. The article basically says cataract surgery is no big deal and the benefits to your eyesight can be astounding. I speak from personal experience and that of a number of relatives. It seems that with my genes I was doomed to have cataracts.

Carol Ryles pointed out a series of blog posts on the future of publishing written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Kristine does a good job of showing that book publishing is not the same as the music industry, so any comparison between the publishing industry and how the music industry has supposedly survived the digital revolution is out of place.

I am a miserable grump when I have a cold. That demeanour would have helped me fit in with the people of Melbourne if I had travelled there today. I hope to have the cold and grumpiness under control by Thursday when I make a trip to Albury to see another oral surgeon.


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