Thursday, June 2, 2011

my writing week (4) 22 The sickee edition

Hi all,

I still have a cold. Doctor has prescribed different antibiotics with a repeat. He gave me a medical certificate until next thursday. But the pharmacist reckons the antibiotics will do the job in 48 hours. I hope so, as I may need to go to Melbourne again on the weekend. My sister has bacterial meningitis and may need to undergo surgery in the next few days. She admitted herself to Albury hospital on Wednesday and was flown to St Vincents in Melbourne last night. She has had the condition before, about a decade ago - brain fluid leaks from the nose - and they fixed her up.

Her health concerns make my my cold and dental issues pretty petty. I will have to get used to going to Melbourne as I have two root canals and two crowns to be done at the dental hospital as well as a couple of other procedures. If I had to pay for it all it would cost about $9000. Of course I could wait the three years for the local dental clinic to do the job, but then I think I would just be getting two teeth removed.

For those who have had root canals, it is best to get a crown plonked on top as root canal doesn't seem to last otherwise. I will need to travel to Melbourne 13 to 17 times over the next few months to get everything done. Well at least I can read on the train.

And finally in this sickee edition, I have a new article up on Divine, this one is about cataract surgery. The surgery is nothing to fear and can drastically improve your eyesight.

I have a suspicion my next article for Divine might be about the dental system. I am getting a lot of first hand experience.

Now its time to go back to bed.


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