Monday, July 4, 2011

My Writing Week: Issue 27, Year 4

Hi all,

I am feeling a bit more awake and alive this week. Last week I was recovering from having some teeth removed. I really did not expect to be so weak and giddy. But my hairdresser who is about to have all four wisdom teeth out said she had scheduled two weeks off work to recover.

New Article for Divine Magazine

In between sleeping up to twelve hours a night, I managed to research and write an article on recycling televisions. It seemed the right time to write it too with a lot of things happening with recycling electronic waste. On Thursday the Victoria government announced a new scheme. I did a lot more research for this article than other articles due to me knowing nothing about the subject.

Part of the research included ringing the director of the Product Stewardship Association. My brain haze had me losing my train of thought during the interview. He helpfully asked me to email him questions, but then didn’t get back to me. Just as well one of the organisations involved in implementing product stewardship did email me back with a great quote.

If you want to know what product stewardship is, you’ll have to read my article when it is put up on Divine online magazine soon. Product stewardship will affect how you dispose of your electronic waste in the future.

I also managed to do some writing of a short story last week.

Bookstores, Abbott and Selfish old Murdoch

I’ve been catching up on my newspaper reading and read an article written two weeks ago where the federal Small Business Minister, Nick Sherry, is quoted as saying that bricks and mortar bookstores will be wiped out in five years time. Needless to say Australian bookstore owners disagreed.

If other online bookstores are like Smashwords, who refused to recognise my perfectly OK debit card, maybe Australian bookstores will have less to fear from online competitors.
Apart form online sales, local bookstores are caught in a general drop in consumer confidence in Australia. Much of this drop is due to Tony Abbott and the Murdoch press’s bullshit about how much everything is going to increase in price if a carbon tax is put in place.
I wish Murdoch would do the world a favour and hurry up and die.
The power hungry bastard will probably never realise you can’t take it with you. A lot of the world’s ills can be sheeted back to his media’s self-interested view of the world. So glad the federal government has intervened to stop his successful tender for an overseas Australian broadcast service, we don’t want Asia listening to Murdoch’s distorted view of Australia.


Anthony J Langford said...

Congratulations on the new article, especially when you havent been well.

Very well said about Murdoch and the fear ironmongers. Unfortunately a lot of people believe their crap.

Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Graham,
Like reading what you have to say about Books and the publishing business. Always good to read someone who's done some research on what's going on.

Graham Clements said...

Went into my local bookstore yesterday. I counted three science fiction books. I bought one of them so they now only have two. Do they want me to buy from Amazon? I was in a browsing mood too. Fortunately, I will be down in Melbourne frequently in the coming months so I can visit Minotaur bookstore which is dedicated to speculative fiction. I also will not be far from Readings bookstore in Carlton, probably the most famous bookstore in Victoria. I try to use Amazon as an absolute last resort.