Monday, July 18, 2011

My Writing Week: Issues 28/29, Year 4

Hi all,

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. I’ve been having a break from all things writing, giving the brain a rest from what has been a stressful year.

I watched a lot of science fiction over the past week and a bit, including the last few episodes of the excellent British apocalyptic series Survivors. I also watched the last half dozen episodes of series three of Fringe – very good too, leaving the series in an very interesting position. The last couple of episodes of series four of Doctor Who were only so so. I suppose Doctor Who survived Peter Davidson, I hope it can survive Matt Smith. But then again, I think it has more to do with the absence of writer/producer Russell T Davies.

Speaking of Russell T Davies, the new series of Torchwood, Miracle Day, is fantastic, full of suspense and wit. Two episodes in and we still don’t know why everyone has stopped dying. My bet is on aliens. The third episode of Falling Skies was only average. It looks like Steven Spielberg is involved in another ordinary science fiction series, remember the turkey Seaquest DSV.

I watched a few movies too, including the sequel Wall Street 2 which is set during the GFC. In the movie Gordon Gecko signs copies of his book in Borders, now there is some irony for you.

New Article on Divine – Recycling Televisions

I have a newish article up on Divine on recycling televisions. Regional Victoria, where I live, has just been through the switch off of the analog signal and had the resultant great telly chuck out. Council waste facilities were flooded with old televisions. In the near future manufacturers will take back old television sets and recycle them.

People with Disabilities in Science Fiction

This week, what is left of it anyway, I will concentrate on a new article for Divine. This one is about the portrayal of people with disabilities in Science Fiction – book, television and movies.
My article won’t be just the nice portrayals like Jodie LaForge in Next Gen. There have been some mightily mistreated and evil people with disabilities in science fiction. Gattaca was all about discrimination against those who aren’t perfect. Davros in Doctor Who was the epitome of evil.

I note that there have been a lot of vision impaired and paraplegics in science fiction, not so many manic depressives or hearing impaired. 

Any examples of people with disabilities in science fiction would be appreciated.


Anthony J Langford said...

Hi Graham
We can agree to disagree on Dr. Who. I for one liked Peter Davidson, though it was always going to be tough coming after Baker. However I hated Colin Baker and that was it for me. Could be an age thing too. I discovered alcohol about then.
Still havent gotten around to watching the new ones past ep.3. Does get a bit 'prattly'. But the Doctor was always eccentric.
I do think he's too young though.

Where are you watching Torchwood? would love to see the new eps.

We will be seeing TV art soon. A mountain of it would look good!

I can only think of Davros at the moment, though I remember the Get Smart villian The Claw!
You could argue that the Joker was disfigured, as was Darkman, but then again, he was a goodie. Like Spiderman. The little creature from Farscape used to fly around in his little wheelchair. It was more of a seat I think.
If I think of some, I'll pop back in.

Hope your well.


Graham Clements said...

You liked Peter Davidson!!! Shock. I preferred Colin Baker. Towards the end of the original series there were some classic episodes, like the one where they were on a planet where unhappiness was banned.

Torchwood is on Austar/Foxtel on the BBC channel. Episode three is on tonight.

The more research I do, the more I am reminded of forgotten science fiction characters with disabilities. Steve Austin and Jamie Summers for example. And then there is another arch baddie, Darth Vader (robotic arms, legs, burnt lungs). Luke Skywalker had an artificial hand too after Darth light-sabered it off.