Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review of Turing Evolved by David Kitson

Turing EvolvedTuring Evolved by David Kitson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A really good read. Full of fresh ideas about artificial intelligence. The central theme is about attempts to create an artificial entity that has free will and makes its own decisions to the benefit of humanity.

The plot revolves around a man who is thrown out of the military after reporting a his comrades for their terrible actions during a virtual simulation. He was a symbiotic pilot of robotic weapons called Demons. He then gets a job helping people come out of long stays in virtual worlds.

He meets and falls for an artificial guardian of mankind called an Angel. The Angel, Rachel, falls in love with him, but Jonathon has trouble with the idea of love between human and machine. The Angels are built by one of his long-term virtual world extractees, Peter.

Meanwhile his ex-comrades try to extract revenge on Jonathon. There is a lot going on in the plot, but all of it revolves around what it is to be human.

There is a twist at the end, which I didn't see coming, but made perfect sense.

The novel is written in first person. It really needs a good edit, but don't let that put you off. David Kitson may also soon have a cleaner version up for download. It is a free ebook.

Why publishers have not taken a chance on Turing Evolved is a mystery to me? Perhaps they prefer safer science fiction with staid old plots.

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Reid Kemper said...

Sounds interesting. The robot on the book cover reminds me of Cappy from the 2005 movie "Robots" for some odd reason.

Graham Clements said...

It reminds me of a shinier version of the robot from the 1930's movie Metropolis.

Harry said...

This review is spot on. The editing has been "crowd sourced" by fan, and is much improved. However, I did notice some problems remain. Nevertheless, it is a great book. I didn't foresee the end either, but it was great.

Graham Clements said...

Hi Harry,

I heard recently that David Kitson now has an agent for the Turing Evolved.