Sunday, August 14, 2011

My writing week: Issue 33, year 4

Hi all,
I am trying to direct my thoughts towards my next article for Divine magazine. So far I just have a general theme on how gardening can affect the way a person thinks. It may end up being mainly from my perspective, because I am yet to find any local potential interviewees. Hopefully my thoughts and a bit of research on horticultural therapy will be result in an entertaining and worthwhile read.

I reckon that if everyone did a bit of gardening the world would be a better place.

Need an Apostrophe?

I saw a cartoon in the Age last week referring to a debate about the lack of an apostrophe in much of the paraphernalia for the Melbourne Writers’ Festival. I am “occasionally” a sloppy punctuator so I went back to see if I had put an apostrophe in the festival’s name in a previous post. I had, but I made the festival exclusive to one writer by labelling it the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.

The festival and I am not alone in misplacing apostrophes. A local pet shop opened with the symmetrical Craig’s Critter’s. After a few months the second apostrophe was painted over. Last week I noticed they had repainted the store and its sign now says Craigs Critters.

My Writing

I am still not doing much writing. I only made time to add a few words to a short story last week.

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