Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Writing Week: Issue 47, Year 4

Hi all,

MyNovel Writing.

I’ve finally made time to write this week’s post. I’ve been too busy writing. Last week I wrote just over 1,000 words on each weekday and a few hundred on the weekend. I ended up writing 5410 words for the week and starting chapter 30 of my novel.

I did a lot of research for the novel on things like gravity, g-forces, acceleration and velocity. I even tried to get a flight simulator going, but I have little patience for anything that does not work straight away. Playing with a flight simulator might have given me descriptive ideas for the novel, and been a bit of fun.

I finally put my VCE physics to use, using it for calculations for the novel, and for adapting information from distance/acceleration/g force calculators I found on the web.

Most of the novel has been a slow build up of tension. Only in recent chapters do action scenes begin. I found it a struggle to adjust my writing, but after a few action scenes I am enjoying writing prolonged action sequences.

At 60,900 words, I reckon the novel is about half written.

My DiVine Writing.

A new editor of DiVine magazine liked a couple of ideas for articles I have. One will take a bit of research, the other I can write virtually off the top of my head as it is about my illness, ulcerative colitis.

Christmas Stuff.

The Book Depository kept their promise to deliver Christmas presents I ordered within 10 working days. Next year I think I will only give gifts I ordered from them, and avoid shops full of junk that no one who is not completely feed-up with searching for something reasonable, would buy. The retailers in Wangaratta are appalling.

On that festive note: Merry Christmas to everyone. May Santa bring you heaps of books, preferably science fiction written by Aussie authors. Don’t drink too much and may you tolerate your relatives. If you are a climate change denier may Christmas bring you a subscription to a non-Murdoch newspaper and the time to read it.


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