Monday, February 20, 2012

My Writing Week: Issue 8, Year 5

Hi all,

I did not do much writing last week because my computer continued to act up. It taunted me by sometimes working, sometimes not. When I was not fiddling with or shouting at my computer, my writing time was taken up by editing chapter thirty-eight of my novel. I then got 800 words into chapter thirty-nine, with the characters finally landing on the planet. I have now written 78,589 words of my epic. 

So will my epic become a best-seller? British writer and critic Robert McCrum says that writers hoping to write a best-seller “might as well stand in a field during a thunderstorm and hope to be struck by lightning”.

Well, when I was younger I once played golf at Trafalgar golf course during a thunderstorm. Huge power lines hang over the Trafalgar golf course, but I was not struck by lightning. But at that stage I was failing English at school. Years later, when I lived in Sydney and worked in research in education, my flat was hit by lightning and it burnt out half the wiring. So maybe I was getting closer to being struck by best-seller luck. Since then I have completed a Master of Creative Writing, but I have also moved to the less thunderstorm prone Wangaratta.


I just checked and it has taken me three weeks to critique the first 19,130 words of a 144,000 word manuscript. I blame Hewlett Packard.

Machine Man

I’ve just finished reading the very good and funny satire Machine Man by Australian Max Barry. It’s about a mechanical engineer who accidentally losses a leg and replaces it with a mechanical one. He then has this excellent mechanical leg and not so great organic leg…If I have no computer problems I should post a review of the novel soon.

I have previously mentioned the rip off that is. Well the scumbags offering the writing jobs have outdone themselves in recent weeks. A new low has been offered: $1.50 for 500 word original articles. These scumbags should be stapled to the wall of a library and have every single book thrown at them.

My Computer Problems

My barely three-year-old computer is still acting up. But not all the time. It won’t save me much aggravation by simply not working, so I can then just go out and buy a new one, instead it continues to taunt me, like someone wearing a Collingwood football scarf.  

Windows said that Kasperspy was causing a problem. Problem was I had not installed Kasperspy on my computer. But I have had problems with antivirus programs before. So I thought I might have a problem with the AVG anti-virus program I was using. AVG would not uninstall no matter what I tried. I finally found a special program on the AVG site that uninstalls AVG when it refuses to be uninstalled. That worked. But alas my computer still acted up next time I turned it on.

So my useless Compaq computer is on death row: act up tomorrow and I do a recovery (which will take about two days to complete, with all the updates to software that it will need). If the Compaq computer acts up just once after that, I will buy a new computer. Once my new non-Hewlett Packard computer is up and running, I will take the Compaq outside, climb onto the roof and drop the computer onto the driveway.

If you are in Wangaratta in the next few days and hear a triumphant scream coming from the west, you will know I have a new computer.   

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Anthony J. Langford said...

Haha - don't you love to destroy the technology that drives you crazy? In Wang, no one can hear you scream, but everyone heard Graham's computer shatter... lol

(They build it in to fail.. I'm sure of that..) Obsolescence.

Your book sounds huge.... well, there is a market for sci-fi, esp. in the U.S. and you don't know until you try.. sounds like it's going to be an epic alright...